In 1988 when John established The Authentic Lighting and Hardware Shop , little did he know that the niche market would become a revered international source of knowledge. After collecting 42 years worth of gaslights and old fashioned original hardware accessories, the doors have recently closed , coming to the end of their own era. John recalls that when he was studying his electrical engineering apprenticeship , that original light fittings were being discarded and that he saw an opportunity to combine his passions of collecting and repairing . Seeing John in his natural element if you will pardon the pun, is akin to observing Santa in his workshop. He is an unmistakable character , tinkering in his ambiently lit world of curios. A natural orator, John's gentle voice conveys details of the origins of the pieces, the processes that have restored them and the clients near and far that he has built ongoing relationships with. It is as if when the master has locked up that the collectables show their appreciation by radiating joy to the outside world. I have spent years driving past John's shop , catching a glimpse of the overall clad maestro . I am saddened by the fact he is downing tools and that the building which has been commercially successful since 1895 may have just seen its last occupant. After more than three decades of six days a week trading , perhaps both owner and building are ready for a new chapter.





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